The Lincoln and Omaha LEGO User Group (LOLUG) is a small community of adult LEGO enthusiasts who enjoy interacting locally with other fans in Nebraska. For membership information, see our About Us page.


May 2015 HobbyTown USA Show

We will be displaying our LEGO creations.  Come join us – fun for the whole family!

The show will have a Star Wars theme, including many LEGO spaceships over three feet long!  In addition to the Star Wars ships, we will present our micro city, “Micropolis”,  a 4 foot long u-boat in LEGO water, Washington Mall display and a 3 foot tall model of the Nebraska State Capitol.

You can see pictures from our previous shows on our previous events page.

Feel free to print out a flier.

Mini Nebraska State Capitol

April 2015 Members Meeting

Come join us to discuss all things LEGO.


* Pizza – $4 if you want, BYOBeverage

* Show on May 2nd at HobbyTown in Lincoln

* Star Wars themed (but everything is welcome)

* Bring ideas of LEGO items to sell – small sets to raise funds for the club

* Name Badge Update

* Bring $6 if you ordered one

* Golf Shirt update

* Union College Project design

* Will likely order pieces at the end of April

* Join the project facebook group to contribute outside the meetings

* Draft of 75910 Porsche 918 Spyder

* Results of the 9515 The Malevolence auction

* See the facebook group for bidding details

LUG Comic

March 2015 Members Meeting

Come join us to talk about all things LEGO.  New members are always welcome.


We’ll be carpooling from Lincoln.  See the facebook group for details.

Nebraska Robotics Expo 2015

LOLUG Display - Entire Display

LOLUG Display – Entire Display

LOLUG will be displaying some of our creations at the Nebraska Robotics Expo.

If you are displaying, please indicate this on facebook so we can let the museum know who to expect.  Please be there by 8:00am to sign in/setup (though last year it was earlier).

February 2015 Members Meeting

Please joins us to discuss all things LEGO.  New members are always welcome.

This will be between our Lauritzen Gardens Show and our Nebraska Robotics Expo.


  • Pizza ($3 if you want some)
  • Recap of the gardens show
  • SAC Museum Show
  • Brickmania
  • Set Auctions (discussion, not the actual auctions)
  • LUG Bricks
  • LUG Polo Shirts

Omaha members have talked about carpooling, see facebook if you are interested.

Meeting Minutes

If you are logged in, you can see the meeting minutes here.

Lauritzen Gardens Show

Thank you for everyone who came to the show, all 1,878  of you!  Pictures from the show as posted below.

While our LEGO was on display for one day, the LEGO themed Nature Connects 2 exhibit, by Sean Kenney, will run from January 17 through April 26, 2015.  Information about the show is on the Lauritzen Gardens’ Brick Artists Expo page.

January 2015 Members Meeting

Please joins us to discuss all things LEGO.  New members are always welcome.

We’ll finalize our February shows, discuss the MOCs Union College would like our group to do and probably something LUGBULK related.

Lincoln members: we will carpool from the Cracker Barrel (north 27th Street) at 5:30pm.

December 2014 Members Meeting

New members are welcome!  Please come to discuss LEGO and see what our group is about.

Not-so-white Elephant

We will again do a white elephant gift exchange at the December meeting.  To participate, bring $10 worth of LEGO to exchange.  This could be $10 in parts, paraphernalia or a new set.  Please wrap your gift.  We’ll take turns (by lottery drawing) picking unopened gifts or exchanging already opened ones.

If people would like to bring cookies, snacks or drinks, that would be appreciated.

Nate wants the box/bags of LUG support brick gone, so please bring cups or bags to take home some brick.  We had been ‘selling’ large cups of brick for $10 each (proceeds going to support the group so we can continue to avoid club dues).  Perhaps the price will drop if parts remain.

If you are a member, sign in and view the meeting minutes.

Hobby Town USA Show

HobbyTown USA Lego Show

Thank you to everyone who helped with and visited our show.  Images from the show are below.

Download the poster here.