The Lincoln and Omaha LEGO User Group (LOLUG) is a small community of adult LEGO enthusiasts who enjoy interacting locally with other fans in Nebraska. For membership information, see our About Us page.

NEWS: Come to our Hobby Town show in Lincoln on May 17th.

May 2014 Members Meeting

We are taking a break from our casual meetings by visiting the Durham Museum.

While new members are welcome, we do need a head count for this meeting.  Please join our facebook group and indicate if you are coming on the event/post titled “May Meeting at the Durham Museum”.

Aside from visiting the museum, we will be talking to them about their Lego show in 2015 and how our group can help.

HobbyTown USA Lego Show

The Lincoln and Omaha LEGO User’s Group proudly present a LEGO Show at the south HobbyTown USA in Lincoln.

Come see awesome fan-built LEGO models, including a 7 foot long WWII U-Boat and the original Minecraft creation!  A LEGO railroad will be running too.

Everyone is welcome.  Bring the whole family.  Please see pictures from our last show at at Krypton Comics.

Members: You can begin setting up at 9:00am.  Bring your modular buildings in addition to whatever else you were planning.

LOLUG May Hobbytown Show

Krypton Comics Lego Show

If you missed the show, we are having one in Lincoln on May 17th.

Picture from our show:

Nebraska Robotics Expo 2014

The Nebraska Robotics Expo features the FIRST LEGO League Championship for Nebraska.

Over 2,000 visitors were expected to attended the event.  Several LOLUG members displayed their MOCs (My Own Creations).  Pictures below.

January 2014 Members Meeting

We will be carpooling from Lincoln to Omaha.  We’ll meet at the Cracker Barrel at 5:30pm.


Chris would like to talk about putting a password on the meeting minutes.  I’d like to further discuss what we want from the website in terms of protecting content and comments – essentially whether we user accounts for everyone to access parts of the site.

Using the wordpress pluggin below, we can password protect just part of our webpages.  I’d prefer this.   This allows us to keep one page for each meeting.  The password is “Password” for this test.

Nathan mentioned: lugbulk update, krypton comics show update, Brickworld Chicago.

Meeting Minutes

You may view the meeting minutes if you are logged in.

December 2013 Members Meeting


Parking is in the rear of the building, which is an old store front.  Walk around front to enter.  It is right next to Blu velvet.

Christmas Party

We will be doing a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange. Everyone who wants to participate needs to bring $10 in Lego. It could be a $10 set, $10 in used Legos from Goodwill, a $10 minifig, etc. Wrap it. Then we’ll each take turns selecting. On your turn you can open a ‘wrapped’ item or steal someone else’s. Each item can be stolen at most once per turn, if someone steals from you, you get to repeat. A turn ends when someone unwraps a present.


Remember to register for LugBulk by December 14th.  See our LugBulk page for details.  The page’s password was posted in our facebook group.


Two of our members made it to their first meeting.  We spent some time introducing ourselves and what we like to build.  Weather kept some of our Omaha members from attending.

We talked about some charity activities LOLUG might sponsor.  Most of our ideas were based around having an event for kids.  LEGO has a program where they provide bricks free of charge.  We’d have to apply per event and three months in advance.  It would be nice of children were able to walk away with some LEGO.

We briefly discussed having a show after the new year or this spring.  Perhaps a topic we can iron out further at the January meeting.

Chris suggested that we do some sort of LEGO build game/competition at one of our meetings.  Everyone agreed, but no one had any explicit recommendations.  Something centered around everyone having a pile of LEGO and making the same object/theme.

We did our gift exchange game, but there wasn’t as much exchanging as there is in a normal white elephant gift exchange.  It was fun, though.  Everyone got LEGO!