MOC of the Month – March

With LOLUG’s Lauritzen Gardens Annual Spring Brick Show rapidly approaching and in conjunction with our new Nebraska Brick Railyard train layout, this month’s featured MOC is one of many trains that can be spotted chugging along NBR’s tracks. Ben Storck is an avid train enthusiast and has built this wonderful Dash-9 locomotive. Though it has some Dash-8 features, it’s mostly resembles a Dash-9. Along with this engine, Ben has been working on some custom cars to go along with it including rolling stock and custom cargo containers to name a few.

To see more of pictures of Ben’s work follow him on Flickr. But, if you would like to see this bad boy in action, it will be apart of NBR’s train layout at the Lauritzen Gardens Annual Spring Brick Show later on this month in Omaha, NE. Oen.


Until next time, PLAY WELL!