MOC of the Month-May

This month’s featured MOC is from long time LOLUG member Shane Limbach. He has added his own spin to the vintage set #3723 by transforming his into a classic M-Tron Mini-figure from the early 1990’s. Shane, by definition, is a true fan of LEGO. His enjoyment of the brick started back when he was a child and has stuck with him throughout his life.

His Kong sized M-Tron Min-figure comes equipped with retro black air tanks, removable helmet w/ trans-neon-green visor, pose-able arms and capped off the the ever popular minifig smile. Note the original M-Ton minfig standing just to the side. Shane uses the original at LOLUG event to show the people the size difference between the two.

This is just the first of many Kong sized minifigures that Shane has plans for. I’m not alone when I say that the LEGO world needs a whole army of these, and Shane is just the AFOL to do it. Keep up the good work Shane, the white pants look great!

Until next month, PLAY WELL.