MOC of the Month – October

For those of you not originally from Lincoln, Tastee’s In & Out was a staple in this town for more than 60 years. It was beloved by many Lincolnites. Sadly it was torn down to make way for the future. One of LOLUG’s up and coming new builders loved it so much, he just had to carry on its legacy. Adam Prochaska of Lincoln had decided to reconstruct the old food joint in a minifigure scale MOC. Starting from the backwards drive-up to the sign placement and decals all the way through to the ran down booths and custom rats shows just how much Tastee’s meant to Adam, among many others in Lincoln. If you would like to see Adam’s wonderful recreation in person, follow us on Facebook: LOLUG on Facebook to keep up-to-date with future shows or drop us a line at

Great job Adam.


Until next month, PLAY WELL!